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Welcome to Zoo Archives UK!



Welcome to this all new website. For those of you who visited my previous website this is basically exactly the same but just dedicated to the UK. I will shortly be creating a number of new websites dedicated to other areas of the world, i.e. Europe, USA, Middle East etc.

Why? Basically the size of each page was getting unwieldy, and as a result it makes sense to create a smaller website that can expand as time goes on.

This website is designed to provide information and history on zoos, safari parks, and other animal collections around the UK.

Included in the site will be old maps and guidebooks to the animal collections listed.

In addition there will be links to the official sites.

If you click on the Windsor Safari Park guidebook to the left you will be redirected to the Windsor Safari Park website.

Site Updates

Site created on 21/04/2006.

So What Information Can I Find?

So What Information Can I Find?

Below you will find a number of interesting facts that I have uncovered while researching the site:

Based on the most animals housed in a zoo, the largest zoos in the world are the Berlin Zoo, with 13,000 animals, the NY Bronx Zoo with 6,000 animals, the San Diego Zoo with 4,000 animals, and the Pretoria Zoo with 3,500 animals.

The Vienna Zoo (Schonbrunn Palace) is considered the oldest zoo in the world. The Vienna Zoo opened to visitors in 1752, and has kept over 35 elephants in the zoo since 1772. The second oldest zoo in the world is the London Zoo which opened in 1828. The London Zoo housed a collection of exotic animals that were studied by eminent scientists of the day. Only later, in 1847, did the London Zoo open to the public. Among many world firsts, the London Zoo opened the first reptile house (1849), first public aquarium (1853), first insect house (1881), and the first childrenís zoo (1938). The Berlin Zoo opened in 1841.

The oldest zoo in the United States is the Philadelphia Zoo, which was opened on July 1, 1874. The Cincinnati Zoo opened in 1875, and the Bronx Zoo opened in 1889. Pre-dating the Philadelphia Zoo was the Zoological Society of Philadelphia which was chartered in 1859, the same year that Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace were presenting their independently derived theories of evolution in London, England.


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